Einstein and the Polar Bear


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The Chelsea Players presented EINSTEIN AND THE POLAR BEAR, by Tom Griffin April 21, 23, 28 and 29.

EINSTEIN AND THE POLAR BEAR is an eccentric romantic comedy about Bill Allenson a famous author who tired of the celebrity game and moved to a tiny town in New Hampshire to sell books by mail order (this is before Amazon) and avoid the spotlight. JD Salinger is the model for this story. Living alone with his father who has suffered a stroke and can only repeat a story about meeting Einstein in Watch Hill, Bill is visited by a female fan whose car has broken down in a snowstorm. Besides these three, there are three other characters, a married couple and a mail carrier, townspeople who are comic characters.

Andrew Kirby portrayed Bill, a reclusive writer, based loosely on J.D. Salinger, who is living in New Hampshire. Amy Kirby played a young woman whose car is “stuck” in a snowstorm and who finds her way to the author’s home/book shop that he shares with his father, a stroke victim, played by David Foulkes. Nicole Wilcox, George Blair, and Bob Alexander rounded out the cast, playing colorful locals who are extremely protective of Bill.