Chelsea Players celebrated its 30th birthday with “An Evening of Short One-Acts,” primarily offbeat comedies, November 15, 16, 22, & 23 at 8 pm at United Congregational Church Hall, 87 Broadway, Norwich. Chelsea Players is the longest continuously running theater group in Eastern Connecticut.

This is the second consecutive year the group is running short one-act plays which allows for participation by several directors and actors.

Ken Lamothe directed “Breaking the Chain” about a very lucky couple who want their downstairs neighbor to join them in their good fortune, but she wants none of it. Christine Reynolds is playwright and director of “Training Day,” a comedy about the first day of work for a Harvard graduate who is overqualified for the job. In the Monty Pythonesque “Pomp and Circumstance,” directed by Andrew Kirby, a composer auditions for a position in the royal court.

“Can Can” is a poignant play of overlapping soliloquies, directed by David Myers, in which an ex-GI recalls a brief love affair with a French woman, and a Nashville housewife describes a strong connection to a country woman she once met.

Wildly funny, “Guest of Honor,” directed by Lisa Aichele, is about a blind date that goes horribly wrong. In “Quiet Torrential Sound,” directed by Kathy and Don Dykes, a domineering, abrasive older sister learns something she really might not want to know from her easy-going, meek sibling, as they have dinner after a concert at Tanglewood.