Humpty Dumpty
by Eric Bogosian
November 13, 14, 20 and 21, 2009

The play concerns two couples on vacation in the ski country in northern New York State. Set in the present time, these four are oblivious to the difficult economy, as they have never had to concern themselves with such trivialities. Max is a published novelist while his wife Nicole is one of the most successful publishers in New York City. Troy is a big-time Hollywood screenwriter, and Spoon an actress. The four are used to eating at the finest restaurants, drinking the most expensive wines, owning all of the latest electronic gadgets, vacationing in all of the hot spots, when the unimaginable happens: a mysterious and huge blackout occurs cutting off all lines of communication, disabling all of their electronic toys, not permitting them to live the lives that they have been accustomed to. Joined by the caretaker of the ski lodge, they face a complete breakdown of civilization.

Nicole......Mary Kay Kelleher
Max......Nathan Pupillo
Nat......Jim Kizer
Troy......Kevin Ladd
Spoon......Sara Rusk
Director......Ken Lamothe

Eric Bogosian, best known for portraying Captain Danny Ross in LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT and for writing and starring in TALK RADIO, has described his play as a dark comedy, but perhaps a better description might be what a member of Chelsea Players has called it: LORD OF THE FLIES in upstate New York. There are elements of the TWILIGHT ZONE and dark, very dark humor. Bogosian originally wrote the play about the paranoia surrounding Y2K and later revised it to encompass the fears surrounding 9/11. The Chelsea Players production is set in 2009, and, sadly, the original script’s references to terrorism, lawlessness, and plagues are even more timely today.