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The Tonylou Awards Show begins at the door as celebrity gossip columnist Constance Gabbles greets (and insults) each celebrity. Then we turn the show over to your talented host T.J. Hardcastle and the ceremony is officially underway. But wait, is there trouble in paradise? Lorna Lush, has been diva, is toting more than booze. Monty Carlo might be a star in his own country, but his English is almost unintelligible. Celia B. DeMilo has a weakness for young men, and her newest boy-toy Claude-Jean will do anything to become a star. M.J. Hardcastle carries a grudge against her brother and his wife, Angelina Canoli, who “wins” an award every year. Funky Brewster is absolutely adorable, or is there a nasty secret lurking under that innocent exterior? The fact is, everyone has a nasty secret. Who gets murder? Time will tell. Who is the murderer? Who knows?

It was directed by Cheryl Hastings