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“Your father was murdered. He was stabbed in the back and his feet were lopped off and thrown into a drainage ditch.” Thus begins the very dark comedy,
A Devil Inside
by David Lindsay Abaire. The adult comedy was presented by Chelsea Players October 22, 23, 29 & 30.

The mayhem begins as Mrs. Slater gives her twenty-one year old son, Gene, the task of solving the mystery and avenging his father’s death that occurred fourteen years earlier. Gene is more interested in pursuing Caitlin, a literature major, who is obsessed with her Russian lit professor. Thrown into the mix is a mysterious woman named Lily, who lives with an absurdly dull appliance repairman. Set in New York’s Lower East Side, this fast-paced neurotic comedy is filled with amputees, seizures, hallucinations, train wrecks, and suicide. According to the New York Times review of the New York production, “Murder, gore, and psychosis, all purposeful and funny…keep the house laughing for two hours.”

The play features James Kenney of Salem as Carl, Andy Kirby of New London as Brad, Rosemary Mercier from Canterbury as Lilly, Cheryl Hastings of Norwich as Mrs. Slater, Alex Molina of Norwich as Gene, and Emily Dykes from Montville as Caitlin. The director, Amy Kirby, of New London, feels that “A Devil Inside, will provide a fun evening for adult audiences. The audience is in for an evening of mystery, madness, and macabre humor—a whodunit with plot twists that you never see coming.”

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