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The Chelsea Players presented
An Evening of Mysterious One-Acts
March 23, 24, 30, and 31 2007 at 8 PM, at United Congregational Church, 87 Broadway, Norwich.

“The Finger of God,” by Percival Wilde was directed by Tim Moore. Set in the 1950’s, the play examines a man’s conscience in the few hours before he bankrupts an investment firm. A special visitor from his past offers him the choice of riches or redemption.
Strickland...Tom Sheehan
Benson...Bob Morrison
A Girl...Sarah Coco

The second play, “The Giant’s Stair,” by Wilbur Daniel Steele was directed by Ken Lamothe of Norwich. Abby, whose husband has been missing for some time, and her deranged sister are hoping for his return on a howling November evening.
Mrs. Weatherburn...Kathy Smith
Til...Lynnie Thieme
Bane...Rich Weingart
The One at the Door...Ken Lamothe

The third production, “Sorry, Wrong Number,” by Lucille Fletcher, was originally a radio play and in the 1940’s was expanded to a full length motion picture, starring Barbara Stanwyck. Our production was directed by David Myers, who is returning to the group after living for the past twelve years in northern New York state. The tension begins early in the play as Mrs. Stevens, an invalid, dials a wrong number and hears a conversation about a murder to be committed that night.
Mrs. Stevenson...Christine Reynolds
1st Operator/5th Operator...Linda Lamothe
1st Man...Joseph Mendelsohn
2nd Man...Rich Weingart
Chief Operator/Information...Lynnie Thieme
2nd Operator/Hospital Receptionist...Jenna Bednarik
Sergeant Duffy...Eric Jolicoeur
Delivery Boy...Josh Barclay
3rd Operator...Sarah Coco
Western Union Man...Bob Morrison
4th Operator...Merlynda Sol